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A successful expansion


When you want to make life more free, easy and fun by connecting people, a company like KPN has to keep up with the latest innovations. But what should KPN do with 70.000 customers that still use their legacy product portfolio and need to be migrated to a new product before the current services are no longer available?

The biggest campaign for KPN B2B in 2018/2019 is the migration of all her legacy portfolio (ISDN) to new VOIP propositions before September 2019. In total, this means that over 70.000 customers needed to be migrated. As a preferred supplier for B2B KPN we were asked to not only increase our capacity but increase with 80 FTE on short notice. Within 8 weeks we accomplished a whole new site in Zwolle with a complete IT infrastructure and the desired 80 FTE. Because of this we managed to meet the deadlines of KPN and are now only 18.000 customers removed from a total migration of ISDN. The whole process was in accordance with the desired timelines but more important is that we did this with the high standard of quality demanded by KPN.
Delivered services
In co-operation with our recruitment department, KPN was able to do a full scan of the Dutch labour market and all the parameters for a successful expansion. After the analyses, we saw that Zwolle had the best mix of low competition and available personnel. In combination with available workspace, we managed to hire a full floor with over 100 seats. Our recruitment and training department made a plan on how to recruit and educate the new employees within the timelines. Operating KPN at our existing location Almere provided a number of experienced coaches, team leaders and management. The combination of constant learning loops between Almere and Zwolle, and the divide of front- and back office created a minimal learning curve.
• Grew the external outbound and inbound sales towards 80 FTE;
• Deadlines KPN made possible due to the quick expansion;
• Even more flexibility in the current model with 2 locations for the full range of campaigns by KPN.

About KPN

Virtual reality, remote medical diagnoses, motion-dependent street lighting and autonomous cars. These things are changing our lives as we move towards an increasingly connected future.

We make life more free, easy and more fun by connecting people. Therefore KPN is building the digital highway of the future. We are passionate about offering secure, reliable and future-proof networks and services, enabling people to be connected anytime, anywhere, whilst at the same time creating a more prosperous and cleaner world.