When you are looking for a way to increase the quality of your customer contact, want to be unburdened at your own location(s) or want to be able to deviate from your labour conditions, Insourcing might be the right solution for you.

We offer 2 kinds of Insourcing solutions:
• Managed Flexpool
• Managed Insourcing

Managed Flexpool

Managed Flexpool is a flex solution where Yource supplies one or multiple teams of customer service employees and also takes full responsibility for the results. This entails that Yource also manages the coaching, quality monitoring and management of the teams.

We can also supply extra services such as planning, scheduling, traffic, knowledge management and give advice where desired.

When we are applying the Managed Flexpool solution we are actively creating a partnership with you to improve customer contact. The Managed Flexpool is located at one of your locations and functions as a department or team within your organization and has a strong connection with the other departments.

The Managed Flexpool will be placed at a location of your choice which means you will have to supply the workplaces and systems.

Managed Insourcing

Managed Insourcing is a flex solution, much like the Managed Flexpool, where Yource supplies one or multiple teams and takes full responsibility for the output of customer contact and makes sure that the KPI’s set beforehand are met. Managed Insourcing is a perfect solution when you want to improve the quality of your customer service, want to have the option to deviate from hirer’s remuneration, and become unburdened at your own location.

Yource will take care of the management, coaching, planning, scheduling, traffic, and quality monitoring of the teams.We are also able to offer you additional services such as advice and knowledge management.

The difference between a Managed Flexpool and Managed Insourcing is that the Managed Insourcing team is a different organization within your own and can operate customer contact independently. This is why Managed Insourcing can be compared to Outsourcing, only now it’s at your location.

From outsourcing to insourcing

A well known energy company has been outsourcing their customer services for a long period of time. Now they have decided to move their customer service inhouse. When you are large energy company, where do you start?

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Insourcing solutions


When you choose for an Insourcing solution, Yource will be fully responsible for the recruitment and employment of the teams. We always start by getting to know you and your organization, so we know who would fit in with your project and your company culture. When we have identified the right candidate profile that matches with your organization, we will start recruiting.

Project size

In the case of Insourcing, we will put together a team including a manager for a minimal amount of working hours. It’s advised to have a full team (with for example 20 employees) to make Insourcing profitable as there is a separate team manager, coach, and planner appointed for the team.

Labor conditions

Yource will always take full responsibility for the employees on the Insourcing projects. We make sure all contracts, payments and working conditions are compliant. You can choose to follow your own labour conditions, however, you can also choose to follow the Yource labour conditions.

Setup & management

Yource will be responsible for the daily management of the team(s). This means a team manager will be appointed who will manage the team according to the Yource workflow.
Besides a team manager, the team will also be supported by:

  • Quality Monitoring: as we are responsible for the output, it is desirable that we are also responsible for the monitoring of the quality. Of course, you are always more than welcome to also measure the quality yourself in any way you’d like.
  • Coaching: coaching will be done by our coaches to continuously improve and ensure the quality of our employees.
  • WFM: Based on your forecast we will take care of planning, scheduling, and traffic. Yource will also create operational reports using the data available. If you would rather have us use your systems, we'd be more then glad to do so.

Output responsibility

During Insourcing, Yource is responsible for the achieved output on the agreed goals, objectives and KPI’s. As well as risks of unwanted churn and absenteeism. To make sure we live up to the expectations, we always have a client manager that is responsible for the project who will be your first point of contact.

Onboarding & education

Because Yource is responsible for the results, our academy will use their resources to make sure all team managers, coaches, trainers, and employees are fully trained. We will also create the onboarding training so ours fits perfectly with your own. We will also continue their training over time. We will create all training, e-learnings, and other required courses using your content to make sure everything is the same quality as your own.

Location & facilities

Because our team will work at your location when you choose our Insourcing solution, they will be using your facilities, workplaces, areas to take a break, system access, et cetera.

Would you like more information to find out if one of our insourcing solutions is right for you? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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