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Yource was formed in 2019 as a result of three companies, who are all operating in the field of customer contact, working together as one. Every company in the group has its own strengths in customer contact, allowing us to offer a complete package for all of your customer contact needs. This package includes Recruitment, Training, Temporary Staffing, Insourcing, and Outsourcing in over five countries.

These three labels will keep operating in the market under their own brand names, which are FINTREX, Mifratel, and PCS.

For our employees, called members, the collaboration also offers more possibilities. It allows them to complete the Employee Journey within the wide variety of countries, customers and projects within the group. This way members remain challenged and can continue to develop themselves. This binds them to Yource ensuring sustainable quality in our services.

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FINTREX was founded in 2002 with its roots in the harbour city of Rotterdam. FINTREX is the groups’ customer contact recruitment, insourcing and education specialist.

For FINTREX, people are the distinguishing factor in the digital customer contact environment of companies. Our services combine flexible work (Staffing, Flexpools), with customer contact (Insourcing) and training & development of customer contact employees. FINTREX works with more than 40 partners, with the client portfolio consisting of the categories finance, non-finance, consumer goods, telecom, and energy.

To do this FINTREX has its own recruitment website, a team of recruiters, sourcing specialists and trainers. This makes FINTREX unique as it’s the only organization in the Netherlands that can offer all these services at the same time at this scale. Which gives the ability to offer total unburdening in customer contact.

If you are interested in more information about FINTREX services you can visit www.fintrex-groep.nl and for the current vacancies you can visit www.fintrex-recruitment.nl. The main language spoken at FINTREX is Dutch, therefore both websites are in Dutch as well.

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Mifratel was founded in 2002 in Belgium and is the groups’ outsourcing specialist for the Belgian market and offshoring specialist for the group in Morocco.

Mifratel maintains your customer relations with care. Acquiring, bonding with and helping customers is our passion. Increasing the satisfaction of your customers is our mission. Calling, e-mailing and writing with customers is our job, day in and day out. In our approach we are you and our agents are an extension of your company. We make sure we know everything there is to know about your products. For your customers a conversation with our agents will feel like a conversation with your company. Exactly what it should be.

The power of Mifratel lies with its agents. They are the companies most valuable asset. Every conversation must be in perfect order. And yet the agents do not follow a script. They “simply” empathize with the world of your customers. That requires a lot of energy. That is why Mifratel attaches great importance to the support of the people. Because the better they feel, the more you can reap the benefits.

If you would like more information about Mifratel, please visit the website.

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PCS was founded in 2011 in the Netherlands and is the groups’ outsourcing specialist for the Netherlands.

PCS specializes in the full or partial takeover of non-primary business processes in the field of customer contact and back office. This allows our clients to focus on their core activities. PCS focuses on continuous improvement of services, higher customer satisfaction and lower costs.

Our services are based on the principle of Customer Lifecycle Management. All our services are interconnected in the cycle of finding, recruiting and retaining customers. An important part of the activities consists of inbound, outbound and online customer contact. This can be seamlessly integrated with the back office activities.

With intelligent and customer-oriented software, our agents can form a customer image, retrieve data and write data faster. This way the handling times in the service process are considerably shortened and ultimately, the customer is better off in the end.

Would you like to know more about PCS, please visit the website.

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