Our services are Yource

Our mission is ‘empowering organizations in the Benelux to stay one step ahead in customer contact’. Simply put, we help companies and institutions stay ahead of their competitors in the field of personal customer contact. We help you choose the best flex solution for your organization. With this set of flex solutions, we can always offer the right solutions that fit the mission, vision, and goals of your organization.

Temporary staffing

We recruit and select the best customer contact employees for your organization. We offer two kinds of staffing:

  • Regular staffing
  • Flexpool staffing


A total unburdening in customer contact at our location(s). We offer three kinds of outsourcing:

  • Homeshoring
  • Nearshoring
  • Offshoring


A total unburdening in customer contact at your own location(s). We offer two kinds of insourcing:

  • Managed Flexpool
  • Managed Insourcing

Training & Development

The Yource Academy is the specialist in learning within customer contact.

  • Onboarding
  • e-Assessment
  • Learning on the job
Customer Contact Chain

Good customer contact is no coincidence but a matter of good organization.

To do this, all parts of the customer contact chain must be tightly organized and connected; after all, a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. The customer contact chain consists of the contact trigger, customer demands & needs, medium selection, routing & skills, workforce management (WFM) & reports, front office & knowledge base, customer dialogue, employees and business processes.

Our services are there to unburden you with several parts of this chain. Which parts depends on the desired flex solution. With every partnership, we start by looking at your total chain and from that point on help you decide which options are best for your situation. A partnership with Yource stands for unburdening on the agreed components and close collaboration to make sure all components work perfectly together and we can help you improve your customer contact.