Outsourcing is a customer contact solution for organizations that want to partially or completely outsource their customer contact at an external location. The difference between Offshoring and Nearshoring is that Offshoring happens outside of Europe.

Yource has an offshoring location in Morocco, which is especially interesting when your organization has a majority of French customers. When your organization is looking for possibilities to reduce costs, we can offer the possibility to – partially – offshore some activities.

The Yource members will work at an external Yource location in Meknes, Morocco. The recruitment and selection for Offshoring will take place locally. When it comes to offshoring the local laws of that country do apply. Wages are determined based on local income. This means that the standards for Morocco are applied. This leads to a lower hourly pay which makes it financially interesting for a lot of organizations. Due to the reduced living expenses in Morocco compared to the Benelux, we have the ability to create a more suitable offer for our services.


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