Regular Staffing


Does your organization have a need for unburdening when it comes to finding and recruiting the right employees while keeping full control of your customer contact and the way that it’s being operated? This solution is meant for organizations who are looking for flexibility without losing track of quality.

When you choose for regular staffing, you as an organization have complete control of how your customer contact should be operated but are unburdened when it comes to finding and recruiting the right employees and the necessary administrative paperwork that comes with it.

With regular staffing, we are looking for customer contact employees who will be part of a team under your management. The Yource members will work on your location together with your own employees using the same resources.

To find the ideal employees, we will invite you to a so called “profile session”. Based on the desired customer dialogue and the job profile, we start looking for the right match. After the new employees are hired, Yource remains involved in the Employee Journey of the employees by organizing weekly contact moments via our Recruiters. This way we can guide the development of our employees and create more involvement, which ultimately leads to a lower outflow percentage.


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