Best match between the vacany and candidate

Temporary staffing

Our Recruitment division is responsible for the best match between the vacancy and the candidate. To do this Yource has a unique database with over 350.000 candidates who are explicitly interested in a customer contact job.

Omnichannel Recruitment Strategy

We start our search for the right candidates for your company based on the function profile. To do this we have an omnichannel recruitment strategy. This strategy brings people & technology together both online and offline. Our experience shows that candidates in this day and age have the urge to be empowered in their search. They want to decide how, where and when they apply. Therefore we have integrated all our online and offline recruitment channels, so now candidates can start their recruitment journey anytime, anywhere.

We offer two kinds of staffing: Regular and Flexpool.

Regular Staffing

With regular staffing, we are looking for customer contact employees who will be part of a team under your management. To find the ideal employees, we will invite you to a so called “profile session”.

Based on the desired customer dialogue and the job profile, we start looking for the right match. After the new employees are hired, Yource remains involved in the Employee Journey of the employees by organizing weekly contact moments via our ‘Flex Consultants’. This way we can guide the development of our employees and create more involvement, which ultimately leads to a lower outflow percentage.

Flexpool Staffing

When an organization needs a flexible group of customer contact employees with a guaranteed number of hours in a requested period, we use the flexpool solution.

The employees will be hired within certain hour categories which we have determined with you. This gives us the option to lower the number of hours our employees work when there is a lower volume. We can also increase the hours when the volume of calls gets higher, as long as we stay within the agreed bandwidth. This way you retain control of the desired service you want to give to your customers and we ensure that the required number of hours are delivered by our employees.

Would you like more information to find out if one of our staffing solutions is right for you? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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